Peek-a-BOO!  Have no fear, there are veggies in here!  We’re adding veggies to the mix this Halloween with a few fun recipes that all use Peekaboo Ice Cream as the main ingredient.

The devil is in the details and you won’t be able to resist some of these spooky treats!   From jack o’ lantern punch to silly-spooky monster faces, you will be sure to please your Halloween crowd. 

5 (Trick) Treat Recipes for Halloween 

With these five sweet treats, your Halloween party will have some extra personality.  Don’t forget to ask the kids for help! These easy-to-make recipes are all just four steps or less. 

Ice Cream Eyeballs

A mix of vanilla ice cream, candy and strawberry syrup creates a terrifying treat that will have taste buds jumping with fright (or delight)!


  • Peekaboo Vanilla Ice Cream with Hidden Zucchini 
  • Green Gummy Lifesaver candies
  • Brown M&Ms or round chocolate candies
  • Strawberry syrup or red icing


  • Place a scoop of Peekaboo Vanilla Ice Cream with Hidden Zucchini into a small bowl.
  • Create the pupil with a green gummy candy and a chocolate candy.
  • Use strawberry syrup to create tiny veins to make the eyeball look bloodshot. 
  • Eat before it melts! 
Vampire’s Favorite Float 

Set the scene with a Vampire’s Float that will have your kids screaming for ice cream. This sip-worthy treat is a perfect addition to all Halloween festivities that’s edible and fun to make. 


  • 2 cups Peekaboo Cotton Candy Ice Cream with Hidden Beets 
  • 1 cup clear cream soda 
  • Red syrup for drizzling (We like to use Rose’s Grenadine Syrup)   
  • Gummy Vampire’s teeth 


  • Have the kids scoop the strawberry ice cream between two glasses.
  • Pour soda into glasses, leaving room at the top for foam. 
  • Top with a pair of vampire teeth and then drizzle “blood” aka strawberry syrup over the top
  • Serve immediately and enjoy! Muahahaha! 
Chocolate Tombstones 

Evoke the spirits with these tombstone treats that will give your guests the creepy crawlies! 


  • Peekaboo Chocolate Ice Cream with hidden Cauliflower
  • Your favorite vanilla cookie
  • Chocolate frosting
  • Oreo crumbles 
  • Gummy worms 


  • Turn your favorite vanilla cookie into a tombstone by piping the letters “RIP” in chocolate. 
  • Place a scoop of Peekaboo Chocolate Ice Cream with hidden Cauliflower into a small bowl.
  • Wedge the cookie and a few gummy worms into the scoop of ice cream. 
  • Top with Oreo crumbles to form the ‘dirt’. 
  • Cue the Walking Dead! 
Monster Ice Cream Bars 

Don’t let these little monsters scare you away; this easy recipe is more sweet than scary.


  • Peekaboo Mint Chocolate Chunk Ice Cream with Hidden Spinach 
  • Your favorite chocolate chip cookie sheet pan recipe 
  • Candy eyes


  • Bake your favorite cookie recipe in a baking pan and let cool.
  • Once ready, layer on a thick coating of ice cream, stick in candy eyes, and put back in the freezer to set. 
  • To serve, remove from the freezer, slice into bars and serve! Enjoy! 
Jack O’ Lantern Floats 

This recipe is equal parts decor and ingredients, so either find the perfect pre-decorated cup or get your sharpie ready! Pumpkin seeds not included! 


  • 1 (2 Liter) Clear Soda 
  • Peekaboo Strawberry Ice Cream with Hidden Carrots
  • Clear plastic cups, decorated if desired


  • Decorate clear plastic cups using a black sharpie, making various pumpkin faces.  
  • Pour a small amount of soda into the bottom of a decorated plastic cup.
  • Add a scoop of ice cream and pour more soda over the top until foamy and bubbly.

Serve with a fun straw and enjoy! 

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