Thinking of the perfect way to embrace your inner child, your inner Martha, and eat your veggies—at the same time?  A Peekaboo ice cream social is your answer!  Before you fall down the Pinterest rabbit-hole searching for decoration inspiration, take a look at these six simple DIYs that will be the cherry on top of your ice cream themed party.  

Six DIY Pinterest-Worthy Ice Cream Decor Ideas  

Ice Cream Party Hats

You’re never too old for a party hat, especially one that’s as festive as an ice cream cone! With just a few craft supplies, party hats can be transformed into ice cream cones hats.  To get the waffle cone effect, use a marker to draw a diamond-shaped pattern across brown craft paper hat. Top with a pompom and thread a ribbon through the bottom of the hat so you can tie a bow under the chin!  These hats are the cutest way to spice up your ice cream party décor.

Pin the Cherry on the Ice Cream Game

Games are a necessity for any type of party. An updated parlor game, pin the toppings on the cone, will keep the mood lively and fun. Use a large printed ice cream sundae photo (sans cherry) and attach to a poster board. Print out an image of a cherry for each party guest and label with their name. For double duty – because who doesn’t love a 2-for-1 – use the cherries as name cards!  When everyone is ready to play, each player gets a chance to pin the cherry to the sundae (don’t forget the blindfold). The closest cherry-to-sundae alignment wins! 

Ice Cream Balloons

Ice cream celebrations (or any celebrations) are so much more fun with balloons. What about a balloon that looks like an ice cream cone and is filled with sprinkles?  BINGO!  Start by filling a clear balloon with helium and multicolored sprinkle-shaped confetti.  Attach the ice cream scoop to a brown cone-shaped cylinder.  Now you have some fun ice cream decor that is ready to party!  

Sundae Bar 

Without a fully stocked sundae bar with toppings, there is no ice cream party. Pre-scoop flavor options and serve them in their original containers to make the sundae building station (and cleanup) as easy as possible.  Offer a generous selection of toppings, including candies, sprinkles, graham crackers, marshmallows and more to top off the perfect ice cream party layout.

Sprinkle Rimmed Cups

Everyone loves sprinkles!  For a fun twist on the traditional ice cream cone, pre-prep some cups and cones with sprinkle rims.  Melted chocolate can serve as the “glue” to hold the sprinkles of your choice in place.  Kid-friendly margaritas are ready to go!  

Party Favor Sweets

As if party favors aren’t sweet enough, hide them in an ice cream pint for double the sweetness!  Empty out a few ice cream pints and send guests home with a container full of fun toppings and goodies – gummy bears, oreos, dried nuts, and themed trinkets are always a hit! 

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Peekaboo’s five flavors are available online as well as major stores, groceries and local shops throughout the country. Click here to purchase your pint now.

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