Turn up the Beet, Peekaboo Ice Cream lovers!  If you don’t already know, our famous Cotton Candy with Hidden Beets Peekaboo Ice Cream flavor is sweet as a beet.

When I first started to formulate my Peekaboo Ice Cream flavors, beets were at the top of my list for hidden veggies to incorporate.  Why?  They’re unbeetable!  

For some odd reason, beets tend to have a bad rap. I’m not sure if it’s because of the unique texture, bold coloring, or because they are rooted in the ground.  Regardless, they are good and good for you!  

Beets have many benefits and they mesh perfectly with my ice cream.  I’ve broken down the benefits of beets and why they are so tasty.

Sweet as a Beet

Struggling to keep up with the kiddos at home?  Beets have a naturally high concentration of nitrates, which is a molecule that dilates blood vessels to help your blood pressure slow down.  With a daily dose of Peekaboo’s Cotton Candy Ice Cream with Hidden Beets, your heart will skip a beet (literally).  We can all use some more nitrates in our lives, and beets are your solution.   

Natural Energy

Nitrates not only lower your blood pressure, but they are also known to enhance your athletic performance. By improving the overall efficiency of the mitochondria to help increase production of energy cells, nitrates (beets) are a natural shot of espresso.  So, trade in your morning cup of coffee for a pint of Peekaboo Ice Cream today!

Brain Power

Interestingly enough, nitrates also improve mental and cognitive functions by promoting the dilation of blood vessels, thus increasing blood flow to the brain – making it way easier on you when you get that Peekaboo Ice Cream brain freeze… 

Digestive Health

Beets can also promote digestive health thanks to their high-level fiber content. What’s better than ice cream with hidden veggies?  Ice cream with hidden dietary fiber.  Dietary fiber is a crucial component of a healthy diet, which is why I felt it necessary to include high-level fiber veggies (like beets) in my Peekaboo flavors.  The more fiber, the merrier.  

Immunity Boost

Thanks to these pink veggies, you’re getting a taste of Vitamin C and a quick boost for your immune system.  Vitamin C encourages the production of white blood cells, which helps protect the body against infections.  Children are walking germ magnets, which is why Vitamin C is crucial to their overall health and development.  

Now that you’ve been schooled on the Benefits of Beets: 101,we hope that you’ll love beets as much as we do.  Don’t forget to pick up a pint of our deliciously deceptive Cotton Candy Ice Cream with Hidden Beets! 

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